DroneMasters Meetup Online @home

60 minutes full "droning" - followed by networking & talks


This DroneMasters Meetup is an online event. The Meetup language is English. Registered participants will receive an access link to a Microsoft Teams event and a quick start guide on how to join. Networking afterward is made possible by DroneMasters's instant messenger.


Intro. DroneMasters Meetup Online @hubraum

Frank Wernecke, Founder & CEO, DroneMasters Boost GmbH, Berlin (de), www.dronemasters.com

1) Providing instant access to vital medical supplies in times of Corona

Yaniv Gelnik, Global Business Development Lead, Zipline International Inc., Paris (fr), www.flyzipline.com

2) Medifly Hamburg - First experiences with unmanned medical air transport in a metropolitan area

Sabrina John, CEO, GLVI Gesellschaft für Luftverkehrsinformatik, Hamburg (de), www.glvi.de

3) Scaling global Impact-Venture Capital Investments to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals - the Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA)

Cecile Blilious, Chairwoman and Co-Founder, GITA & Head of Impact and Sustainability, Pitango Venture Capital, Herzliya (il), https://www.pitango.com | https://the-gita.org

4) Investing in Drones - an investor's view

Daniel Paz, Senior Analyst, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH, Berlin (de), https://deutschebahnventures.de

5) The value of challenges to speed up development - insights of an ADF Lake Kivu participan

Marc Schwarzbach, Chief Technology Officer, Phoenix-Wings GmbH, Ismaning (de), https://phoenix-wings.de/


DroneMasters' mission is to accelerate the evolution of vertical mobility. The DroneMasters Meetups provide the leading global cross-industry network around vertical mobility and drones. At the DroneMasters Meetups, experts and enthusiasts from business, science, civil society, administration, and politics share ideas and experiences to shape the sustainable use of drones.

The talks are limited to 10 minutes to keep the event entertaining. The presentation language is English. Members of the DroneMasters Pioneers Club can participate via live stream and interact via DroneMasters' instant messenger service on Mattermost (open source, self-hosted Slack alternative).

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