55th DroneMasters Meetup (online)

60 minutes full "droning" - followed by networking & talks


The Meetup language is English. Registered participants will receive an access link to a Microsoft Teams event and a quick start guide on how to join. Networking afterward is made possible by DroneMasters' instant messenger.


Intro. DroneMasters Meetup #055 (online)
Frank Wernecke, Founder & CEO, DroneMasters Boost GmbH, Berlin (de), dronemasters.com


1) Monitoring penguins and whales along the Western Antarctic Peninsula using drones

Clara Bird, PhD Student, Oregon State University, Oregon, (us), https://mmi.oregonstate.edu/gemm-lab


2) Shaping drone delivery in urban environments

Alexander Norman, Global Operations Lead, Matternet, Zurich (ch), http://mttr.net/


3) Wanted: delivery drones that can fly 300km

Gabriella Ailstock, Associate, Health System at VillageReach and Coordinator for the UAV for Payload Delivery Working Group (UPDWG), Vancouver (ca), www.villagereach.org


4) Situational Awareness Systems for First Responders

David Kocharov, Engineering Expert, ResponDrone, Yerevan, (am), https://respondroneproject.com


5) Intelligent cloud solution and advisory services for a corporate drone fleet program

Edwin Sanchez, Founder, VirtuXplorer, Weston (us), https://virtuxplorer.com/



Prior registration is mandatory. We reserve the right to make changes to the program at short notice and without prior notice - this does not result in any claim for a refund.


DroneMasters' mission is to accelerate the evolution of vertical mobility. The DroneMasters Meetups provide the leading global cross-industry network around vertical mobility and drones. At the DroneMasters Meetups, experts and enthusiasts from business, science, civil society, administration, and politics share ideas and experiences to shape the sustainable use of drones.

The talks are limited to 10 minutes to keep the event entertaining. The presentation language is English. Members of the DroneMasters Pioneers Club can participate via live stream and interact via DroneMasters' instant messenger service on Mattermost (open source, self-hosted Slack alternative).

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