64th DroneMasters Meetup

Focus Education & Recruitment - full "droning" followed by networking & talks

homePORT Hamburg (Am Elbtunnel 6, 20457 Hamburg)

The language for this Meetup is German. The event will be held in partnership with Hamburg Aviation's drone network Windrove and exclusively on-site at HomePORT in Hamburg. Free participation is only possible after prior registration.

This DroneMasters Meetup, with a focus on Education and Recruitment, is dedicated to the growing need of the aerial industry for new professionals. The focus will be on the benefits of drones for education and the related opportunities to attract talent for future aviation.
Automation, e-mobility and new production methods are transforming aviation. Drones are opening up new ways of transporting people, goods and sensors. This also applies to the maritime sector, where drones are creating new solutions for transport, monitoring, maintenance or for disaster control. The focus here is increasingly on automated or autonomous control. Diverse applications, different fields of use and new business areas promise enormous economic growth and create new occupational fields for the upcoming generation. In this environment, companies are faced with the challenge of finding skilled workers for fields of activity that are only just beginning to emerge. At the same time, young professionals are confronted with completely new requirements. In this Meetup we will discuss possible solutions and show new training perspectives and interfaces.


04:00 pm

Get-together & happy flying

At the beginning of the Meetup you can marvel, discover and try out. The participants of the DroneMasters Academy vacation course show what they have learned during the last days and our trainers give insights into methods, training programs and flight techniques.

DroneMasters Academy

DroneMasters Academy

DroneMasters Academy, dronemasters.academy
04:45 pm

Welcome Speech

Michael Westhagemann

Michael Westhagemann

Senator of Economy

Michael Westhagemann, born in 1957 in Beckum, Münsterland, has been a nonpartisan senator of the Department of Economic Affairs and Innovation since June 2020. Previously, since November 2018, he was Senator of the Authority for Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation.
After training as a high-voltage electrician and then studying computer science, he worked for Nixdorf Computer AG, which was later acquired by Siemens AG. At Siemens, he headed the North Region until 2017, among other things.

Hamburg City, Hamburg (de), hamburg.de
05:00 pm

Intro. DroneMasters Meetup #064 - Education & Recruitment mit Drohnen

Frank Wernecke

Frank Wernecke

Founder & CEO

Frank Wernecke is the founder and CEO of DroneMasters Boost GmbH, a consultancy focusing on vertical mobility and drones. He is also the founding partner of the DroneMasters Academy, which inspires kids and young adults to become tomorrow's inventors, developers, and entrepreneurs.

DroneMasters Boost GmbH, Berlin (de), dronemasters.com
05:10 pm

Drone workshops at proTechnicale: For more women in technology!

Friederike Fechner

Friederike Fechner

Project lead

Friederike Fechner is the project manager and deputy managing director of SOPHIA.T gGmbH and proTechnicale. Since 2020, she has been involved as a juror for the Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Award. proTechnicale offers technical study orientation programs for young women at the Center for Applied Aviation Research in Hamburg. What is special about the program is the combination of theory, practice and personality workshops, which allows participants to immerse themselves deeply in the world of technical studies and careers.

SOPHIA.T gGmbH, Hamburg (de), sophia-t.de
05:20 pm

DaaS - Drones as a Service - The introduction of a security-enhancing drone-based situational awareness service

Christian Bahr

Christian Bahr

Business Manager

Christian Bahr is responsible for automation and mobile sensor technologies at the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) in the Port Process Solutions unit. As part of the DaaS (Drone as a Service) project, the focus is primarily on the operational launch of the teleoperated drone service, as well as licensing and approval.

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Hamburg (de), hamburg-port-authority.de
05:30 pm

From the education drone to the aerial robot for industrial applications

Helge Hackbarth

Helge Hackbarth

Business Manager Autonomous Systems

Helge Hackbarth, Executive Consultant at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, graduated from the University of Hamburg in 1994 with a degree in business mathematics and then entered management consulting. Since 2002, he has held various IT consulting roles at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, since 2015 increasingly with a focus on IoT, robotics and unmanned aerial systems. In parallel, he is currently completing his doctorate at the Institute of Air Transport Systems at the TU Hamburg Harburg.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Hamburg (de), lufthansa-industry-solutions.com
05:40 pm

CrazyFlie for U-space Education

Prof. Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag Prof. Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag

Prof. Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag Prof. Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag

Department management

Prof. Dr. ir. Maarten Uijt de Haag hat zum 15. April 2019 die Leitung des Fachgebiets Flugführung und Luftverkehr an der Technischen Universität Berlin übernommen. Zuvor lehrte Prof. Uijt de Haag an der Ohio University in Athens, Ohio und hatte dort die Edmund K. Cheng Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science inne. Das Fachgebiet Flugführung und Luftverkehr ist damit seit dem Jahr 2013 wieder mit einer regulären Strukturprofessur besetzt.

Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin (de), tu-berlin.de
05:50 pm

QualiFly - Mobile network performance measurements for drone operations

Markus Engelhart

Markus Engelhart

Head of Drones & Urban Air Mobility

Markus Engelhart coordinates the activities in the field of drones and urban air mobility at the consulting company umlaut. He is mainly concerned with the scaling of drone applications and their integration into corporate processes.

umlaut, Heidelberg (de), umlaut.com
06:00 pm

Possibilities for the use of drones in the training of professionals

Prof. Christian Janke

Prof. Christian Janke


Christian Janke is an instructor with Embry-Riddle's Worldwide Campus and an Assistant Professor in the College of Aeronautics. He instructs at courses about Unmanned Systems in multi-domain-environments and their applications. Christian has been in military service for 14 years as air operations officer and helicopter pilot. Christian's research focus is on Unmanned Systems, robotics and autonomy. Especially in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) he focuses on their capabilities, protection against misuse, business models, and regulatory environment.

Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, Berlin (de), erau.edu



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Online registration is mandatory. We reserve the right to make changes to the program at short notice and without prior notice.


DroneMasters' mission is to accelerate the evolution of vertical mobility. The DroneMasters Meetups provide the leading global cross-industry network around vertical mobility and drones. At the DroneMasters Meetups, experts and enthusiasts from business, science, civil society, administration, and politics share ideas and experiences to shape the sustainable use of drones.

The talks are limited to 10 minutes to keep the event entertaining. The presentation language is English. Members of the DroneMasters Pioneers Club can participate via live stream and interact via DroneMasters' instant messenger service on Mattermost (open source, self-hosted Slack alternative).

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