DroneMaters Matchbook

The DroneMasters Matchbook provides a direct and straightforward way to connect vertical mobility startups with investors.

Investors get an efficient overview of current investment opportunities in the vertical mobility world.

Startups become visible to investors and can verify the uniqueness of their endeavor and find promising cooperation partners.

Upon request, the information in the DroneMasters Matchbook will be published anonymously - without company name, logo, and address. In such cases, an e-mail forwarding with box number will be set up to establish contact.

The first edition of the DroneMasters Matchbook was published on October 10, 2019 at the Startup Night of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in Berlin and distributed in printed form to more than 400 international guests and investors. The first issue is now also available as a PDF download.

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All information in the DroneMasters Matchbook is purely informative and without guarantee. DroneMasters Boost GmbH is not liable for the correctness of the information provided by the startups in any way.

For startups, there is no charge for publication in the DroneMasters Matchbook. Investors, financial institutions, and other interested parties are welcome to place an advertisement. Please contact: ads@dronemasters.com

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