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Dronemasters Convention, Berlin 2016

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DroneMasters GmbH is a Berlin based incubator for drone related business. We connect, advise and accompany corporations on their way into the drone ecosystem. As a strategic investor, we invest in young companies and start-ups, which are dedicated to automated aerial mobility.

As part of our sourcing, we have organized numerous events that have reached more than 100,000 visitors (www.dms16.com). In 2016, we curated the world's first conference on "Drones in Logistics" (www.dml16.com) and in early 2017 as a partner of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology the "Startup Night Aviation und Space Industry".

With DRONEMASTERS MeetUps, we have created one of the world's largest networks consisting of experts from business, science and public sectors, who are actively shaping the development and the use of drones, beyond traditional industrial and sectoral boundaries.

DRONEMASTERS MeetUps connect innovative players to develop new business models, create solutions for global challenges and accelerate technological development.

If you want to be part of this ecosystem, participate in the culture of open innovation, or give an insight, subscribe to our newsletter and shape the future of mobility with drones.


Dronemasters Events


Whithin our Meetups we share knowledge and experiences with professionals and beginners in business, science, sports and entertainment. To keep it entertaining, the timeframe for each individual speaker is limited to 9 minutes. Meetup languages are english and german.

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Automated mobility in the lower airspace will revolutionize traffic worldwide. In view of these developments, high investments in infrastructure for less developed areas appear to be seen in a different light. We are pleased to announce the first DRONEMASTERS conference in Africa, which will provide insights into the flourishing African ecosystem around drones, air taxis and unmanned transport systems.

Further information will follow soon.

Please contact us for information about possible partnerships and cooperations.

Who is doing what and where?

Startups, established companies and research institutes worldwide are working on the automation of mobility in the airspace.

Research is carried out, tested, learned and successfully implemented in innumerable locations.

We have made it our mission to make visible to all the actors that form the world around this ecosystem.

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