69. DroneMasters Meetup

60 Minuten volle "Drohnung" - gefolgt von Networking & Austausch


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Intro. DroneMasters Meetup #069

Frank Wernecke

Frank Wernecke

Founder & CEO

Frank Wernecke is the founder and CEO of DroneMasters Boost GmbH, a consultancy focusing on vertical mobility and drones. He is also the founding partner of the DroneMasters Academy, which inspires kids and young adults to become tomorrow's inventors, developers, and entrepreneurs.

DroneMasters Boost GmbH, Berlin (de), dronemasters.com

Preparing for Takeoff - German Aerospace Industries' Roadmap for Advanced Air Mobility

Dr. Saskia Horsch

Dr. Saskia Horsch

Head of Global Regulatory and Public Affairs

Dr. Saskia Horsch is Head of Global Regulatory & Public Affairs at the German air mobility start-up Lilium. In this function she is responsible for all political and regulatory matters pertaining to urban/regional air mobility. She works with governments, regulators, and other partners on the establishment of an adequate regulatory framework for the future operations of eVTOL aircraft. Previously Saskia worked at Amazon for over 10 years in European and country leadership roles across the External Affairs, Public Policy, Internal Communications, Employee Relations & HR functions. She also worked at different Brussels-based consultancy firms and the European Commission. Saskia is a fully qualified lawyer and holds a PhD from the University of Cologne.

Lilium, Wessling (de), lilium.com

A Pioneer's Guide to Certification - The VoloCity Air Taxi Product Certification Process

Ronald Liebsch

Ronald Liebsch

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Ronald Liebsch is an Aerospace Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in the manned and unmanned aviation sector. Working as Head of Regulatory Affairs within Volocopter, Ronald is actively involved in important Regulation and Standardization activities of VTOL and UAS, for example, the EASA Rulemaking Working Group RMT.0230, UKRI Future Aviation Industry Working Group on Airspace Integration (FAIWG:AI), JARUS SRM Working Group or EUROCAE WG105 and WG112. Ronald Liebsch was the former Director of Technical Standards Europe for the world-leading Drone Manufacturer DJI, where he handled all standardization and technical regulation tasks on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Europe. Ronald is passionate about developing new solutions under existing or completely new environments like the Advanced Air Mobility sector.

Volocopter GmbH, Berlin (de), volocopter.com

Realizing Hydrogen Regional Air Mobility

Dr. Mohamed Attia

Dr. Mohamed Attia

CEO & Founder

Dr Mohamed Attia, CEO and Founder of NEX, has been delivering pioneering aerospace innovations and operational efficiencies for nearly 3 years. Alongside his role at NEX, Dr Attia has spent over 7 years at Rolls-Royce, where he plays a key role in developing innovative composite manufacturing processes and managing the company's supply chain in Europe. Prior to this, he spent 5 years at Airbus leading the manufacturing development for future projects.

NEX, Berlin (de), nex.aero

Vertical Mobility - A Regional Infrastructure Perspective

Florian Lennert

Florian Lennert

Co-Founder, Disrupting Mobility & former Head of Mobility, NEOM

Florian has been engaged with sustainable urban development for 30 + years and has advises research institutions, governments, municipalities, businesses, and technology ventures internationally on sustainable mobility, urban development and innovation. Disrupting Mobility brings together leading global research centers mobility including LSE, Berkeley and MIT to explore sustainable mobility futures. At NEOM, Florian was a member of the founding team and led on overall mobility strategy and systems and since 2018 centrally involved with designing and implementing the overall regional master plan for NEOM. Prior to joining NEOM, Florian served at the Innovation Center for Mobility (InnoZ) from 2009 and led the design and implementation of the EUREF Campus, a smart city district and living lab for smart mobility, renewable energy and future city design in Berlin. Florian served as chair of the European Commission expert group for smart mobility systems and services and as a member of the EU Commission expert assembly on smart and sustainable cities. He is a member of the advisory board of the Austrian Ministry for Mobility, Energy and Environment. Previously, Florian co-founded the Intelligent City Forum, the Grantham Centre for Climate and Environment, and the Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation at the London School of Economics (LSE) as well as serving as Director of Corporate Relations for LSE. A native of Berlin, Florian has in the past worked with the German Institute for Urbanism (DIFU) and the German federal government (Treuhandanstalt) during the unification of East and West Germany.

NEOM, Saudi-Arabien, neom.com


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