Dronemasters Convention, Berlin 2016

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DRONEMASTERS connects people and drone enthusiasts, who are exited when it comes to drone technology and the new possibilities they offer. In Berlin other mayor german cities we have regular meetings which form a common platform for business, science, sports and entertainment.

Our aim is to activly shape the development and usage of drones worldwide. We combine innovative actors across classical sectors and industry boundaries to develop new business model. This way we provide solutions to global challenges and accelerate technological progresses.


Dronemasters Events


Whithin our Meetups we share knowledge and experiences with professionals and beginners in business, science, sports and entertrainment. To keep it entertaining, the timeframe for each individual speaker is limited to 9 minutes. Meetup languages are english and german.


Events & Conventions

Our first "DRONEMASTERS Summit" was a crowd puller at the CeBIT 2016 this year. We were able to bring 100.000 visitors closer to professional UAVs and drone technology. Inspired by this success, we are also working on future special events to fascinate drone insiders and everbody who is interested to become a part of the community.

Currently there are no events.
Currently there are no events.

Comming up: Dronemasters Convention

The DRONEMASTERS Convention 2016 show professional drones in a competition the first time. Drones which are use in commercial applications such as transport, inspection, surveillance will compete in various competitions and prove their performance.

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Who is doing what and where?

Worldwide, companies and research institutions are working on the automation of mobility. At countless locations being researched, tested, learned and successfully implemented.

We have made it our mission to locate all actors who master drones around the world and make them visible.

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